Adette + Patrick

With you, I am stronger

We see Adette and Patrick side by side as they have small conversations on snippets captured by the Orbit Motion team. Even without hearing what they are saying, we instantly know that they have their own world, a lasting connection where they understand and compliment each other. Profoundly synchronized by their love of each other, the vows that they took was reassuring of how true commitment should be.

With the breathtaking aesthetics of Jasper Berry Southern Highland, the wedding felt even more like it was an unforgettable moment that was one with their vows, their entourage, and even nature itself. A perfect metaphor to their relationship, a tree heavily rooted in the ground and swaying even in the strongest of winds.

Stronger in time, better together.


Binh Nguyen


Location: Jasper Berry Southern Highland
Video: Orbit Motion
MUA: Sophie Lau